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Dran was a dream and now it's the reality. We dare to dream and work hard to achieve it. It's a long journey of 25 years. DRAN was established by Mr Anil Nagpure (MD) in 1982 in the shop space of merely 600 sq feet. Dran was started with one press and a cutting machine. Then gradually the machining processes were incorporated. Dran became private limited in 1994. We had a sustained growth for about 12 years in the same place and moved to a bigger location for future expansion.
This new rented location was in Kondhwa and the space was quite bigger then the earlier about 2000 sq feet. The phase was of the transition from the machine shop to assembly shop. Now with a strong manufacturing base, Dran began to handle small assemblies right from the stage of machining. Then gradually Dran started concentrating on the manufacturing of Jig and Fixtures, specially on welding Fixtures and Special Purpose Machines. Dran started to expand in the close vicinity. As need of space was rising day by day, the acquired area was increased to 6000 sq feet. In 2006, the automobile market started booming and this was real time to enter in the market. Dran decided to spread the hands wide for its expansion. Dran occupied the 105,000 sq feet of land in area of Dhayari, Pune.
It took almost one year to construct the factory and to develop the land. In January 2007 we shifted to our own place, which has almost three times more working area, then before. Here we have given less emphasis on increasing the manufacturing strength and more on outsourcing in a big way. Our major strength is highly experienced manpower and in-house manufacturing capacity of the complete machine tool.
Today Dran is equipped with all conventional machine tools with the blend of CNC and VMC machine with table size of 2000 mm. Dran also has latest inspection facilities such as CMM, Trimos and FARO arm.
We are eager to leap into future era of technological excellence at the affordable cost to the customers Thank you for visiting us